stop for a moment and breathe

We are way smaller than we think we are. We take less space than we think than our body’s take. We are connected to the world around us. We cannot live without others. To live with them well there is a simple practice that can help with it.

I’m not very advanced in this topic but I feel some of the benefits after 2 months of irregular sessions. My life has lately changed a lot. I moved to another city, changed my job, area, people around me. Because all of that I was concentrated more on finding a good flat, cleaning the mess after the former tenant, arranging it and moving the stuff from my previous flat to the new one,  therefore,  I couldn’t meditate.

Anyway, the previous sessions helped me with handling the packing and organizing all of which was needed to be done. Some sessions in the middle of the process helped me to calm down so I think it was worth doing. I am very grateful that there is such a great possibility to reset the mind.



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  1. There is a saying I heard from a buddhist lama: “You should meditate at least 5 minutes every day. Unless you don’t have time to do that – in that case you should meditate for 20 minutes every day” (;

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