I’m an addict.

There are so many things we’re addicted to but have no idea we are.

We think chatting or IMing it’s okay. We can control them. We can always turn it off and do some important work. From my experience — it is not a case in most situations. Of course, some of us can. Then I’d like to develop that exact same attitude in me. And I hope it’s possible — or maybe I’m just fooling myself that I can do so. 

Social interactions might be sooo addictive. Especially for an outgoing extrovert, such as me. I seem to just need to talk to people few times a week. Like long conversations, like the whole evening or so. I don’t know…

For me, Messenger is very addicting and tempting as well. Maybe because of lack of social interactions in another way. I somehow had a pause in using messenger – except some crucial university related quick chats. During that time I’ve been focused on other activities, some of them were related to university of course. During the whole last weekend though, I talked with 5 people simultaneously via Messenger. And when I wanted to do some work on my thesis, I was just coming back to the conversations even when I didn’t receive any new message. When I’m in, I can’t go out from it.

YouTube works the very same way. I’m trying not to watch many movies one after another. My mind doesn’t seem to be able to control a number of videos I’ve spent time watching.

TV. It’s actually not so tempting nor exciting for me now. But it might change. I’ve been at my mom’s place the whole weekend. I finally somehow didn’t feel the urge to stay in the room and watch a lot of TV. Maybe because I was busy with texting and that gave me excitement. Although to be honest, I still love interior design programs. Watching how they’re doing designs. I love those. I could watch it over and over again.

The last but not the least. Thinking. We’re addicted to thinking. We always analyze pros and cons. Thinking about that girl and this boy. Thinking what others think of us. Thinking about the situation around us. Is it better to stay here or go for an adventure, better opportunity? Is grass really greener on the other side of the hill? The better opportunity might turn out worse. The adventure might be a disaster after all.

Those are today’s world addictions that are so underestimated.

We have no idea how to deal with them for good. Medication somehow helps. Maybe I should make it my strong habit. It helps with attachment. And getting rid of it.

I felt like I had to let it out.


If you have any question, thought, or anything, leave the comment down below 🙂

As always,
Stay in Peace!
And lots of Love :*


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