Why do we think we need debt to be alive?

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Okay, Haven’t posted anything here in awhile.

This time I’ve got “good” excuse. This year valentine’s day haven’t ended well for me. I didn’t think it’d be the best valentine’s ever but I couldn’t predict it would be that way. So, I fainted at the dentist appointment. It was hard to make me stand on my own so they drove me to the hospital where I got three drip infusions (I’m not sure about the medical term) and after few hours they diagnosed allergy to the medication I got at the dentist and then they decided to let me go.

During the next days, I was only able to sleep, drink something, eat a bit and watch some TV series. I don’t watch it much but back then it was the most complicated action I was able to do. Pity I couldn’t do anything with my thesis during those days off. Never mind, feeling guilty won’t help me in any way.

But what about the debt?

Banks everywhere, credit cards, loans in 5 minutes, get this 50″ TV with small payments only 49.99 €/$/zł – or whatever currency you use. Need a new phone? You can have it in 1 week not going anywhere, just click here and there and it’s yours. 120 PLN/ month for 12 months.

I bought a phone last year. I got a loan for it. It broke so it can’t be repaired (the warranty doesn’t cover that issue). I had to buy a new one so I have contact with the world. I’m still paying off the broken one.

The new one: I didn’t want to buy the cheapest smartphone because it could be more at the service than I use it or it would be slow so I’m not able to use it the way I want to use a smartphone. I went for a medium price. Or cheap but “high end” Chinese smartphone. It’s not the best nor the worst one so far. We’ll see if it was a good decision or not. I didn’t want to pay 3k PLN for it. I need just a quality phone that does the job (using few apps simultaneously with not big lags). I paid it with cash I had saved. I don’t think I need more now.

Do I need 70 or 100 quadratic meters to be happy?

But before I was sure I need the best one. I thought I need the best computer. I was unhappy with what I have at the moment, that it’s soooooo slow, the video performance so low (1080p works fine).

Why are we making our lives harder even if we actually don’t need all of this stuff? It’s working. I can still use my old good notebook for my thesis. It still lets me run Visual Studio and develop the app. It’s good enough to run latex environment to write the book for it. And after all, it’s fine for youtube and series I’m watching in my free time (once a month or so – YT mostly at my phone).

I rather not to delay owning of the thing to the point I pay off the debt.

Do we actually need “our own” flat that we have to pay so much money and it’s not ours actually for like 20 or 30 years? I’m renting a flat. I can pay for it or I can change it in one month. Okay, it actually depends on the agreement, but I hope you get the idea.

It’s freedom. I can go anywhere. I can do anything. I like it that way.

I don’t have to pay the interest to a bank that’s giving me the money so I could live “effortless (?)”.

And I don’t spend money I don’t own.

I was using a credit card for a few months. It was easy to use. Unfortunately, I had to give away so much money (3-4 times more I’m spending now) for paying it off. I decided to close the credit card and it’s better now. I have a special account I’m transferring there some amount and the rest goes for the bills that need to be paid and for my savings. There is so much more money I saved during the last few months. I hardly believe it happened.

Many people around me think we need debt to be alive. To make our lives easier. To be able to have our own place on the world (owning a flat/home). To have a car to travel – of course, a new one would be the best. Do I need 70 or 100 quadratic meters to be happy? Do I need my own brand new car which will lose it’s value in 50% just after it’s out of the dealer?

I think I don’t.

I don’t know. That is my point of view. What is yours? Let me know down below 🙂

Love & Peace!


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