DSP#1- about project

Today I want to share with you the project I’m working on. The app is almost done, at least the basic functionality. I want to polish it though and make it even better and also learn much about the .NET framework and AngularJS. I have lot things to do anyway.

Basic concept of the app

My aim is to create useful web app for note taking. For me is easier to write something down in bullet list during a lecture for example. In order to memorize the material better I like to transfer it to mindmap form later on. The application will be able to store notes, as well as mind maps. There is also mindmap and note editor so we can use it also for example during brainstorming or so.

Diagramming tool – what is done so far

For now I have ASP.NET + Angular app with controllers, views, services (or something like this). I’m using Bootstrap which is very nice solution to put items on a webpage with not digging into CSS too much. I don’t like to dig into it if I don’t have to 😉 .

I also have WebAPI controller which is responsible for passing the data from backend to user interface as JSON.

Future improvements

In the future I want to add some more features to the application which I gave up for now. Firstly, I want to have users, for now anyone can add the diagram in the application. Each user would have his own notes.

I also want to practice my TDD skills, so I want to add Test project and start testing it. I have to decide which testing framework for JS to use and learn to use it. It will be challenging since I have no idea how it supposed to be done. So far I was using: MSTest, NUnit, XUnit, Moq and AutoFixture. I thing best choices for me would be the last 3.

I’m trying to make it agile, but it’s hard while working alone. I tried use github project/issues, trello, workflowy list and much more. For now best is kanban board with paper notes. Below you can find the actual picture of it 🙂


Yes, that’s a mess, but somehow it’s easier for me to handle than any electronic solution.


For me the most challenging is to handle the whole architecture. I’m also trying sometimes to make it too perfect and I’m ending up with lot of time spent and not much (or nothing 🙁 ) done after all. It’s hard to plan the work to be done but each time I’m dealing with that it gets easier.

Another thing is that I want to make everything at once sometimes. And what’s happening? See the paragraph above.

As I said before – testing JS will be very tricky, I haven’t done it before at all. If you have some tips, I’d be grateful for any of them.

To sum it all up

I have some challenges ahead. I’ll be dealing with them and sharing 2 posts a week about it – around monday and thursday.

Have some questions or suggestions? Fell free to comment down below or contact me.


As usual

Love & peace!

Natalie 🙂

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