DSP#2 – Struggling with the ‘easy’ stuff

Below you can see how much solution files I’ve created lately. Some of them I’ve deleted already, moved to different location or so.

You can think, what’s so hard with creating a project? Well, every time it’s the same – I’m clicking File>New Project, then choose a project type, give it a name, and start coding. Actually not so big deal.

The real party starts later on. The code gets messy, the classes have more than one responsibility, services gets mixed with repositories. Sometimes it’s better to draw the new architecture on a paper, close the solution in Visual Studio and start again. And then create the folders ready for new classes. Of course I’m reusing the bits of code I’ve created before – if it’s possible, rewriting everything else, applying new idea, some useful review tip from older colleagues.

Screen from my IDE – quite lot of projects 😉

At the very beginning, I thought it’s not right to do. I felt I should be able to make the project, coding should go smoothly then. Now I know it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, seems like you can’t do it just right from the beginning. Okay, some people can. But everyone is different. Not everyone learns as quickly as others. Anyway those who are learning quicker than you, probably have more experience with similar topics 😉 .

You need some experience, see some projects, do many of them yourself. It doesn’t necessarily has to be the big system. It might be few small apps. And each one of them gets easier, you learn what works, what doesn’t, get new ideas on how to improve some areas.

Sometimes there is such a mess that it’s better to start over, just copying the useful parts of code you’ve written before.

Refactoring is a hard process for many beginners. For me too. It get’s easier though each time I have to rebuilt something.

Everything is hard before it’s easy

– Goethe

I am writing this post for past me, for the future me when I’d be stuck with something new and for all of those who are just beginners and struggling with the ‘easiest’ things as some people can tell.

You better don’t give an eff about that and just keep learning, exploring, having fun 🙂

So keep it stupid simple. And start over if it’s better (and sometimes it definitely is).


Have a wonderful morning, day, evening or whatever time you’re reading this.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know below if you agree or disagree 🙂


Peace, love,

Natalie 🙂

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