the No Limit attitude

8th day of June. I’m not perfect. Should start from 1st of June

You need no limit!

Commercials say we should have endless possibilities. It’s not worth compromising. The safety, comfort, feeling confident – those are the values YOU NEED and YOU can HAVE them.

And look: at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, any social media. At Others. A new car, gorgeous apartment, vacation. Beautiful beach. Great hotel. Colorful drinks. So comfortable to live that way. So easy.

But there is always one…

Hidden message

The one you get after the purchase. They only care about you paying the money. They don’t bother you about the price. After all, you have all the money you need, you have credit cards, you can do anything… They say.

Commercials are all about selling you the product you don’t need.

What’s when you must pay it all off? Oh, now it hurts. For a while, you know you gotta pay thousand(s) just to borrow it back. Or you spent the whole paycheck (a big one if you’re eg. IT guy). When suddenly something happens you don’t have any money saved.

Everybody wants you to feel they’re doing better than they actually are.

I need limits.

Why? To save some money. To have something bigger than me to “decide” when huge companies are messing with my feelings. With what I think I need.

To create better content. My posts will be up to 250 words from now.



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