chasing the perfection

Many people are chasing the perfection don’t even noticing it. For some of us this is not the good way

I feel like a little girl, lost in this big “bad” world sometimes. I want everything to be as good as I possibly can make it. I want to be perfect at work, perfect student. Perfect in the relationship. Perfect doing my hobbies (I have quite a number of them).

Eat perfectly clean, cook my meals. Perfectly sort the trash, avoid plastic. Meditate every day. Not procrastinate at all. Be 100% productive. Work on my awesome side projects. Play games like a pro. Have lots of friends. Meet them regularly. Get up at 4 am. Not need that much sleep. Be fit.

Comes out 24 hours is not enough time for being perfect in every aspect of our life. So what’s the solution? Doing all of that poorly? Doing some of them perfectly and forget about the rest of them? Switch between them?

My solution

Sometimes I gotta give up. Let go. Screw something. Rest. Relax. In order to go back and give 100% or even more.

I am far from perfect. And I appreciate it. It’s better. More interesting that way 😉

What about yours?

You might feel it’s motivating to you to keep pushing and keep trying to be perfect. And that’s great. That might not the way for some other people. Please take it into the consideration 🙂

In the last post, there was no place to say goodbye or so.


Stay in peace!



  1. I wish I had answers to those questions too 😉
    However, chasing such ideals is already such an interesting game, that failing from time to time only increases the motivation. And I believe that good habits could help with many of those things (diet, work, sleep and fitness at least).

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