my work experiences so far

I started working in November 2015. It’s the 3rd company now as a junior dev in my career. Let’s see what I got from working in 3 very different places.

First, a small company in Opole. I was happy getting my first IT job. Being programmer after part-time jobs was a nice change. It changed over time. I learned it was not a place for me. I needed more of structure and guidance.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend got a job in Wroclaw. I was getting some job opportunities there also so it was a great opportunity. I replied to a job advert, went for an interview. They liked me and the next day I got an information they want to hire me.

I started the job in a big corporation. It was great at first again. And the money was twice as much as before. And then I met my team. I liked guys but the management was in Sweeden, no daily meetings, only weekly kanban meeting. Not enough structure again. Some of the people in my surroundings were demotivating. As they say “you’re the sum of 5 people you spend the most time with”. I didn’t want to be like them.

And the current company: scrum (finally) – so happy ^^. I’m working here the 4th month. Great people, Feedback, making use of talents, very good communication. Not enough room to describe all of that ;).

Wondering how I managed to get the job? Stay tuned for the answer.

How was your first experience?



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