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I wanted to write a post about how I became an achiever. A few easy solutions…  But I haven’t become finisher yet. I became more focused on completing tasks though. Anyway, that’s definitely positive :).

I had a different topic for this week’s post.  And I’ll publish it next week probably. We’ll see. But today let’s talk about the thing that’s bothering me for a few days.

(not) being achiever

I have a lot on my plate to deal with every day. I want my morning consist of jogging, nice healthy breakfast, makeup and not leaving the mess in my apartment. And I want to do it shorter than 1.5 hours (it’s probably impossible…)

Then, I have tasks at work. After coming back home I want to prepare healthy food for the next day, clean the flat, do the laundry, have a nice time with my boyfriend. Write posts in advance to not be late anymore, and I got some side projects that I would like to push forward. And I want to do some sports too.

I  haven’t managed yet to do it all. Always I gotta sacrifice something.

Maybe I’m overloading myself with to-dos. Probably I’m doing so. And now I feel like I’m underachieving. That I’m doing poorly with my tasks and stuff. I hope that after a while of chilling and not expecting too much from myself I’ll be back productive, finishing all I’m doing.

but how the heck did I become more of achiever?

I used to have big problems with completing the tasks and projects on time. I used to procrastinate and I still sometimes do. Especially when I have a long to-do list and don’t know what to handle first. I have millions of ideas, and therefore there is something that pops into my mind all the time that is better, more interesting than the job I should do.

There are few things that help me with completing to-dos. Not completing it for me unfortunately but it gets better.

Affirmation. It has huge power. You repeat every day few sentences that are not so far from the truth, your mind becomes more focused on being what you tell it to be.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth


So at the first place in my affirmation list, I have

I am a finisher. I achieve.

A useful tip would be also to not to sabotage yourself and talk to yourself negative things. The affirmation doesn’t work that well when you don’t even try to believe it.

Nozbe. One place for to-dos. I’m trying as much as I can not diversificy my tasks. I have 20ish projects there and I’m trying to review them and do the tasks.

Thanks for being with me, hope this content give you any benefits.

What do you thing about overplanning?
Sorry for being late.

With lots of love,



  1. All of this sounds familiar. I think that striving for such perfection is a bit problematic when the real world constrains we have are taken into account, like its unpredictability, or limited time or motivation we have. It’s probably common to plan ambitiously and underestimating difficulties to come.

    I’m no expert at getting unstuck myself, but personally I find some consolation in maintaining my todo-list in a state that truly reflects what I eventually want to achieve (journaling helps here). Then it’s just a matter of performing tasks, which is relatively easy, and trying to pick the ones that will hopefully have the most effect 🙂

    1. Your solutions make sense…
      But sometimes arranging to do lists to me is so time consuming and then it all changes which makes it no relevant anymore.
      And then I tend to re-writing to-dos, fixing categories in nozbe and so on…

      1. You are right, planning requires a lot of time (but also saves some) 🙂
        Although it might be harder for women. As far as I am concerned, my goals didn’t really change for the last 2 years or so 😛

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