update – things I’m doing currently



Lately, I had been busy with some things. Due to that today’s post will be quite short.

I was recovering after the diploma defense exam. Also, I wanted to transfer the blog to my personal domain and hosting to make it more of independent.

I hope you soon to be able to browse http://minillennial.net without redirection to my wordpress.com blog. The state of this is work in progress :).

Another thing is, that I published unfinished post twice (what a shame!). The post is not finished yet (almost done but still not ready). I’ll try to post it next Monday finally finished!

I keep having a hard time after every important exam. Examples are Matura exam, driving license exam, and also the last one – diploma defense.

After such events, it seems like everything is falling apart in my hands. I’m unable to do anything from start to finish. Productivity? I don’t know that word then. I started a lot of things which is not finished yet (like a post published by mistake). I guess the stress is still acting in my body or something.

After Matura, I couldn’t get my stuff together for a month. Now it’s getting better, so the blog posts should be on time finally next week.

I’m sorry for all that. Hope you forgive me 🙂


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