me as a working student in IT


As you might know, I have finally defended a bachelor’s thesis. So now I am the engineer 🙂 not student anymore. For a while.


But it’s not what I wanted to talk today. In this post, I wanted to sum up some of the experiences I had during the university days.

It’s quite common nowadays to work as a student. When you don’t have a lot of money or you want to make more than your parents can afford to give you.

the professionals, the specialists.

In IT field now there is a huge deficit of specialists. Companies are lacking the professionals to get the job done. We don’t need that many junior devs because there are not enough senior specialists to support them.

me as a junior

It was not very hard for me to find the job in IT after I gained some knowledge on software development (hours spent on doing Pluralsight courses and developing some very shitty code).

the first company

I started my first job at 3rd year. It was far from the one I dreamed about. But gave me enough money to pay the bills and buy some food. And I got a bit of experience. And I got the idea what kind of company I don’t want to work for ;). In that company, I was involved in a bit of software development but more in some docs fixing, testing and creating blog posts in English mostly.

2nd – moved out to a new city

The second work placement it was international corporate. Now I know the corp world is not for me also. Too many emails, too much useless procedures. Random people at the open space who are not talking to each other. The “company values” that are not seen among the people. And unfortunately, a small team with no leader, 3 seniors and me – junior girl. I felt stupid while asking questions, and they didn’t help at all with that. Some people were nice, other were lazy and unmotivating.

so much win!

Fortunately, I found my place (at least for now) that I’m grateful for. People usually are very nice and helpful. Answering questions I’m asking… The leader who wants me to make a progress. And the tasks specified very well in comparison to my previous companies. I feel very good at work. Finally, have really good fun almost every day.

how I found a job at the beginning?

I am interested in the field of software engineering. Thus, I had some more knowledge about good practices or tools that are used in the industry before I applied for the first job. I was learning about design patterns more than the regular candidate on Junior position.

It would be also hard without programs such as Erasmus, Leonardo. I learned so much during those exchanges. My English got really good during my studying in Finland. I was taking also other internships and opportunities that came up before the 1st job.

the myth of “15k salary”

Imagine big salary, like 4 times average salary in the country you’re living in (or something around). I heard some people saying they will start university and after getting the 1st degree, they’ll make a huge paycheck working as a junior software developer (or similar position). And that might be true in some cases. But there are some factors of that.

Big salary comes with deep knowledge and being a professional. Also with experience. So if you start soon, you can have it. But keep in mind that it’ll require a lot of learning and some time management of you. Especially when you want to combine study with work. As I heard it’s not so common in eg. the USA, but here in Poland, it is the case quite often.

I want to post a few more words on how I did manage to survive university days while working but it’s a topic for another entry, as this one gets so long.

And as you might be notified by now, I published this post twice with unfinished content. I’ll try not to do so next time. Still, sorry for that. Hope you forgive me that horrible mistake 😉

Cheers & kisses,

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