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Taking care of yourself is very important. If you don’t feeling your best it’s hard to do anything for others. It’s also difficult to reach your goals and even make your dreams and plans come true.

To have that in mind I’ve recently been to Woodstock Festival. It was a great experience as I’ve been there for the first time. I’ve charged my batteries with so much positive energy. It’s hard to even describe. Get to know quite a few wonderful people ^^. Very grateful for that. I’m going there next year for sure! If you want to join, reach me next year 😉

I don’t have any pictures of myself being there. My main concern there was to rest from work stuff, thesis, and other things. I’ve also rethought very important aspect of my life and made a hard decision. It feels right so far. It’s hard for some people including me. I have no idea how it turns out to be in the future. But in some weird way, it feels to be the right direction.

I am very grateful also for last 2 years I’ve spent with a great person, Matt. Thank you. Now I gotta do my own thing. You gotta do the same.

I’m taking care of my health, doing blood tests and other examinations. Some of them I’ve already done. Some still scheduled. I’ll be busy with that until the middle September or so. Hope everything it’s okay but sometimes you gotta check it. And I have some problems since I had an episode at the dentists. Finally found time for that. Gotta finish it.

There will probably be also some small changes in blog topics as I’m thinking of writing from my heart. I think the IT/dev part might suffer since I’m not enjoying of creating that content. If you decide that it’s not relevant to you anymore: thanks for your time. I hope you find something interesting 🙂

In case you have some suggestions I’d be happy to hear them. Feel free to reach me at Facebook/ email or simply via the contact page on this blog.

Cheers, kisses, and lots of love!


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