how to find peace and balance?

Seeking for inner peace

I tend to wish to control my life. It’s not a good idea because I’m never satisfied. I’m trying to control everything and end up having no control at all.

I need to remind myself to let go, chill out and control just enough to not to be lost in the woods.

I’ve been to Karpacz this weekend seeking for inner peace and balance. I love to wake up very early, go for a walk/jogging and be alone with nature for an hour or two. The world is so quiet at 6 am Saturday morning. I also love doing meditation or yoga somewhere I listen to sounds of the river, birds singing, trees moved by the wind.

That’s how I try to deal with the desire to control everything. Easy simple steps.

Remind yourself to let go.

Today is another post from under the 250 words.

Cheers, love, stay in peace,


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