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Hi there. Long time no see…

Lots of changes and turbulence in my life. Haven’t posted anything during the last 1.5 year (sic!). I think it’s finally quite safe to say I’m slowly getting over all this.



I transfered the blog from wordpress.com to this domain minillennial.net. I had been thinking about it long before. I moved all posts so you can enjoy them from the very beginning.

As you might notice, I changed the theme a bit. Let me know what do you think about the new design 🙂

More often, more Polish

I’d like to post something every Friday. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m thinking about posting more content in Polish. It’s a beautiful language and I’d love some of it to reach more of Polish native speakers. I won’t stop publishing in English. It’ll just need to share this space with my native language.

I have some ideas not for the blog itself but for my online presence. Keep your fingers crossed for that 🙂

Cheers & kisses,

PS. Photo by the best Filip Płaczek – fb | www

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