eye in mirror

This is my place. You don’t have to be here. I invite you though if you’re interested in what my thoughts are and what I have to say.


minimal + millennial

It’s not that complicated. I think of myself as millennial but also love the idea of minimalism.


Ever heard of that we all are a little ADHD? Been like that since I was a kid. I’m actually not diagnosed but I found out that all of the ADHD hacks works for me and I see lots of symptoms in my behaviour.

Minimal? I’m trying to live a minimal lifestyle. I found it very helpful especially with my mind always in the move. In minimal, clutter-free space I just feel my mind works better.

Millennial? I think some of my problems/ the way I act are related to modern lifestyle – having a computer on all day, smartphone right next to your bed, way too many electronic devices in our houses. It might sound weird from software developer (or computer programmer). But I’m using all of it and trying to make use of it, not have it just for sake of having it.

I think we should get rid of many things but not only material ones. Apps, photos, documents, emails that are not important are going away as well. Addictions also.

It is hard and so far it’s my aim. For now (2017) I’m working on this.

Dev? I work as a software developer in Wroclaw (Poland). It’s one of my interests so you can find some posts on that also. If you’re interested, here you’ll find only dev posts.

But yeah, more on that in future posts. So stay tuned!

Peace and love,